I pledge allegiance
to my body


To focus on taking just as much care of myself as I do for others.

To TALK about the uncomfortable topics

and make the necessary appointments.

I pledge to take

What have you done for you lately?

You’re the kind of woman who will do anything for everyone she cares for. You put the well-being of others before your own, and when you finally find a moment to take care of yourself, the day is already over. Well, today is a new day. Today, you’ll pledge to start making yourself a priority. Today, you’ll pledge to take time out for your health.

When you take time for yourself

  • You become better at
    time management.

  • You can better respond to the
    needs of others in your life.

  • You’ll feel more rested and
    able to take on your day.

  • You improve
    your focus.

  • You’ll be able to better
    cope with anxiety.

  • You’ll feel a sense
    of accomplishment.

Put it in writing.

By putting your personal pledge in writing, you’re taking the first step to making your health a priority. Pledge to make a positive change in your life; to kick a bad habit, to do something for yourself or set a new goal. Then, hold yourself accountable by sharing it with friends so they can help cheer you on each step of the way.

I pledge to

  • I pledge allegiance to my body
  • Taking time out makes me stronger
  • Taking time out for us
  • Caring for myself is caring for my baby
  • I will make myself a priority
  • Taking time for moments like this

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